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request form

To submit requests for assistance, Community Validators must complete the Womenade of Concord Request for Aid Form with supporting documentation.

Womenade of Concord is able to provide short-term financial assistance up to $500 to individuals and families in need, who reside in our service area. Please note: We are only able to fulfill each individual request once per year up to a maximum of $500.

When completing a Request for Aid, it is important for Womenade of Concord to be provided as much detailed information as possible. This helps to expedite the review process and provides our Board the information they need to approve the request.


request form


  • Validator's Contact Information

  • The Town that the person in need resides in

  • Details that describe the situation and reason for the request

  • Vendor Information for payment

  • Details pertaining to other resources and organizations that have been reached out to for assistance. This helps to avoid duplication of efforts for all.

  • Womenade of Concord does not provide assistance to requests related to criminal behavior or legal fees

If additional information is needed to process the request for aid, Womenade of Concord will reach out directly to the Community Validator who completed the form. If the Community Validator does not respond to Womenade of Concords' email inquiry within 30 days, the request will be voided. A new request can be re-submitted with the missing information for the Board to review.

We regret that we cannot review requests made by individuals on behalf of themselves or vendors to be paid (i.e. landlord). Community Validators are an important part of our organization as they are the ones who make sure our efforts are not duplicated between organizations in our community.

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